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disc priest

Post  kaizehpr on Sun Jan 27, 2008 2:12 pm

Your RL and in-game name: rl name is Kai and my nickname is Kaami!

Armory or other profile link: Sorry but i cant enter the page, but search for Kaami

Your RL Age: 18

Where do you live? Norway - Haugeunsd

Main's Character Name/Class/Race: Kaami - Priest - Undead

Main's Professions: Enchanting - Engineering ( for healing on rings & engineering bombs! )

Main's Talent build: 43/18/0

/Played Total (approx): 35days ( 100 days played on my rogue )


What are your expectations from Bedlam? dno, pvp Smile ?

What were your previous guild and why did you leave? my previous guild was coil, and we disbanded

Do you prefer PvP or PvE? PvP

Experience from those two above mentioned? (PvE/PvP)
2.1k rating with my rogue on daggerspine,( rogue = sold ) aint that good in that battlegroup tho.


Personal presentation: norwegian geek, isnt that what we call it?


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Post  hehe on Sun Jan 27, 2008 3:49 pm

Yes yes, I love you kaami

- Clix


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Re: disc priest

Post  Samey on Wed Jan 30, 2008 7:37 am

Quite thinn app, would really like to know more about your pvp experience with your priest since that is the char you are apping with. The armory shows that you are nude, guess its a bugg Very Happy The officers will look this through and give an answer soon. Somehow i didnt see this app untill now.
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Re: disc priest

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