Resto Druid - Acrão

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Resto Druid - Acrão

Post  Acron on Mon Mar 24, 2008 12:50 pm

Your RL and in-game name: RL: Frederico Sousa , In Game - Acrão

Armory or other profile link: (and lets hope that im with my pvp gear on, 3/5veng)

Your RL Age: 19

Where do you live? Coimbra and Castelo Branco, Portugal

Server (if not from Grim Batol):

Main's Character Name/Class/Race: Acrão Tauren Druid

Main's Professions: Enchanter Tailor

Main's Talent build: 9/11/41

/Played Total (approx): 78 days


What are your expectations from Bedlam? To get into some serious arena teams and some premades once in a while

What were your previous guild and why did you leave? "DESLARGUEM-ME" , friends guild just for the common chat Very Happy and many pve guilds, was in expect the unexpected once bue then they went inactive and i left

Do you prefer PvP or PvE? PvP, pve is fun for the first time but after like 3 runs to the same place it gets boring, pvp its always different

Experience from those two above mentioned? (PvE/PvP) PvE SSC (not vash tho), TK solarian and void reaver, 3 bosses in ZA and full kara grull bla bla


Personal presentation (i.e "Hi, my name is"): hey my name is Fred im From portugal i got a social life and i study in coimbra's college, second year on informatic engineering. ahah, and now here come's the fill up, so, once upon a time there was a girl in a forest that lived with her mom, her mom sent her to deliver some cookies to her grandmother, but to go to the grandmother's house she needed to go through the forest, and in the forest there was a wolf, a big bad wolf, and he heard about this, so he went to grandmother's house, ate her, and lied in the bed with her clothes on.

When the girl got to grandmother's house, she saw the wolf in the bed. Thinking he was her's grandmother she said "hey grandmother why do u have such a big ears?" and the wolf answered "is to hear u better sweety", and then she asked "hey grandmother why do u have such a big eyes?" and the wolf answered "is to see u better sweety", and then she finnaly asked "hey, why do u have such a big mouth?" and the wolf answered "is to EAT you BETTER" and jumped out of the bed, and then..

now there are some versions, either he ate her, either a hunter came and killed the wolf and rescued the grandmother, either he tripped, fell and broke his neck, choose ur favourite.

Very Happy nice fill up han? :O

Additional useful information about you and/or your character: aaaaaaa, i rule, and i got more experience in 2x2 than in 3x3, (5x5 its almost none, like 1615 rating tops, im a resto druid, noone wants me to 5x5 anyway), and a fill up aswell that i remembered it could be important, love not so standart setups Very Happy like druid moonkin ele shammy Very Happy would like to try that rotfl, just for fun.

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Re: Resto Druid - Acrão

Post  Nedfryst on Mon Mar 24, 2008 9:55 pm

Goodie goodie Smile
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