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Feral Druid Apply

Post  An˙kiz on Fri Apr 04, 2008 5:51 pm

Hello everyone!

Your RL and in-game name: My Name is Bruno and the name of my druid is An˙kiz

Armory or other profile link: http://armory.wow-europe.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Grim+Batol&n=An%C3%BAkiz

Your RL Age:I am 23 old years

Where do you live? I live in Castelo Branco, in Portugal

Server (if not from Grim Batol): Grim Batol now, i come from another server, but i will explain that later on.

Main's Character Name/Class/Race: An˙kiz is a Tauren Druid

Main's Professions:Mining and Jc at 375

Main's Talent build: 1/46/14

/Played Total (approx): 54days

What are your expectations from Bedlam? Alot tbh, i'm looking for a nice pvp guild, with skilled players, and to find some good arena partners, was a feral druid its hard to find partners, and being kinda new on the server, doesnt help.
What were your previous guild and why did you leave? Was i said above, i come from another server, i move my druid to Grim Batol 4/5 months ago. I've lvl this Druid in Frostmane with a friend of mine, then we decide to move to this server.

Do you prefer PvP or PvE? PvP, my main focus now r arenas, i normally do some bg's and duels, i just do some HC's to get some badges.

Experience from those two above mentioned?
-> PvE: Well my experirience on PvE it goes back to the release of TBC, before the expantion i've done; ZG, MC, Ony, AQ20/40, BWL, and some boss's in Naxxramas, in those days i was raiding almost every day (my main char was a mage, and had a druid for my alt) but when TBC was released PvE wasnt working to me anymore, i just want to do pvp, and specially arenas, and unfortunatly i was playing in a pve server, most of the players there just wanna do arenas for fun and not take then to seriously, and the world pvp, its near to 0 ofc, so i've decide to reroll on a pvp server, because it impossible to tranfer for a pve to a pvp realms. Was going to start a mage but in the end i decided to make a feral druid my new main, was kinda sad to me to leave some great players that i've play with, and had so must fun rading and stuff, but, if i didnt reroll, i probably wouldnt play wow anymore.
The guild that i have now, its a guild that I and some friends of mine created, till we find a good guild to join.

-> PvP: Well in arenas i have experience with a Druid/Rogue combo in 2vs2, with a friend of many, but unfortunatly atm, is in a "wow break", hope he will return soon.
3vs3 I've tried a feral druid/rogue/S. Priest combo, i have to said, that this is a interesting combo not the best for the class in, but still lots of fun playing it, we need to be very synchronized, and we did some nice fights with this combo.
Sadly, i havent go many opportunities to play with some other class, and try diferent combos for arena, because has i have said above, i'm still kinda new on the server, and the players that i know r not that must, so thats one of the main reasons that i'm applying, to find nice and dedicated players to do some arenas.

Personal presentation:
Hello everyone, my name is Bruno, i live in portugal (unfortunatly) currently im getting prepered, study for some exams that i will have to do, to get back to college, later on this year. In my free time, fortunatly i have alot atm, i play World of Warcraft, a game that u guys may have hear about... Also like to see F1, basically the only time that i turn on the TV.
I've played MoH:AA was my "main game", till wow appeared... gg MoH:AA, well... mohaa was losing played every day anyway, the numbers of players that used hacks was just ridiculous, that destroyed the game imo, moving on.. lets see... oh... i hate futebol... think its really stupid when portuguese players start to talk about it, well in the way that they talk about it... in the trade or general, god... speaking of portuguese, fortunatly! im not the typical portuguese player, lets take duels for example... u duel a "tuga", normally a good player would said gg or gf, but nooo a portuguese one will said: "WTF, LAGG, RESIST OMFG..." ofc i've knew some players, that they arent "tugas" that had the some behavior... in fact i have a funny history at the first day on this server... on a run to SP, at the end one of the dudes ask me... "where u from?" i said "portugal unfortunatly" and then i said a funny comment "ow! ur the first portuguese that i have knew that doesnt whine..." some time after, I get his point... Well all this to said that i dont have that type of behavior, and its sad ppl that do, portuguese or none portuguese, fair play always!

Additional useful information about you and/or your character:
My Druid... i know that for now he doesnt have the best gear atm, but im working hard to get the best gear i can, some ppl come to me and said: "Man, go resto, 2k easy mode" First, i dont think its easy, if u know how to play ur class, and do the thinks right, then u will get to 2k rating, second, if im going to be feral, wanna get the gear being feral, theres no point going resto to get gear, well atleast in my eyes.
Well, dunno i think i've said everything usefull, but if some of u think that i've to be more objective about some of the thinks that i've talked about, plz said something or ask and i will certainty answer.

Take care everyone!


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