Bedlam application template

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Bedlam application template

Post  Nate on Sat Nov 10, 2007 10:47 am

Please use this template upon applying, as it increases your chances to get recruited along with
correct spelling, grammar, some effort and a good personal spirit.

Be aware that you are required to use this template, but if you feel that you can provide any better
for your own good, please feel free to use another one or create your own. Bedlam wish you good luck with your application and officers will handle your request as soon as we can.

--Bedlam Application Template--

Your RL and in-game name:

Armory or other profile link:

Your RL Age:

Where do you live?

Server (if not from Grim Batol):

Main's Character Name/Class/Race:

Main's Professions:

Main's Talent build: x/x/x

/Played Total (approx):


What are your expectations from Bedlam?

What were your previous guild and why did you leave?

Do you prefer PvP or PvE?

Experience from those two above mentioned? (PvE/PvP)


Personal presentation (i.e "Hi, my name is"):

Additional useful information about you and/or your character:

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