How about Situation of Single Stage Hammer Crusher

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How about Situation of Single Stage Hammer Crusher Empty How about Situation of Single Stage Hammer Crusher

Post  danny231 on Fri Mar 28, 2014 12:18 am

In recent years, our experts developed and designed the NPC single-section hammer crusher, who can meet the technological requirements, and successfully applied in its British and a 2 x 6000 t/d clinker cement production line.

NPC series single stage hammer crusher is used for crushing brittle ore, such as limestone, argillaceous siltstone, shale, gypsum and coal, etc., also is suitable for crushing limestone and clay mixture, which has the massive hammer head, rotary, crushing plate, consequent adjustable perforated strainer, exit and other structural features.

In the domestic each big cement plant choosing more than 1000 t/h level crusher, mostly are double rotor hammer crusher. At present, the domestic same type single rotor crusher only individual output type NPC crusher can achieve stability of the order of magnitude. In addition, NPC type single-stage hammer crusher compared with double rotor crusher, who is less an electric motor and driving system, and less of a rotor, the main advantage lies in the single cost of crusher itself is very low, and the majority of users are more familiar with using the single rotor crusher.

However, NPC2025 type machine compared with such models, the quality of equipment can light more than 30 t, low maintenance lifting equipment needed for the rotor can also be a specification, more frequent fracture. There is no hammer shaft, or the discharge is not smooth, What's more, the price advantage is very obvious.

On the market, but there are also individual reference discharging granularity MAMMUT70 of 25 mm / 90 type machine and modify a similar type with the NPC single stage hammer crusher. This model only get the trial in individual lines, and its production is more close to the NPC type machine. Hongxing Machinery is known for its high-quality products (Jaw crusher china, hammer mill crusher, compound cone crusher,etc) as well as its own bearingly excellent service, say, pre-sale service, on-the-sale service and after-sales service. We have specialists specially to choose the right machines and design the most suitable production line that most cater to your requirements.

If you have an interest on our product or have any problem, you can write to us: Our customer service staff will provide you with the most professional solutions and the most considerate service

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