Notice When You Operate Static Pressure Ball Machine

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Notice When You Operate Static Pressure Ball Machine Empty Notice When You Operate Static Pressure Ball Machine

Post  danny231 on Wed Apr 02, 2014 2:10 am

Along with the development of mining machinery industry, there are so many kinds of mining equipments coming out like springs. But have you ever heard of static pressure ball machine?

Fote static pressure ball press machine is mainly used for pressure coal powder, slurry, middling coal, coking coal and metallurgical powders. This machine has excellent pressing effect in other loose materials such as coke powder, scale cinder, fly ash and sludge; in addition, this machine is reasonable in price and durable. To maintain good working condition of this ball press machine, it is necessary for customers to learn some common sense of static pressure ball machine. It is as follows:

3. The relevant machines before and behind the static pressure ball machine should realize chain program start and stop.

4. After the machine begins normal operation, regularly check whether all the connection parts are firm.

1. No matter which material feeding method is used, a reliable deironing device must be installed in front of the feeder machine, otherwise, the compression roller will be damaged, so might be the whole machine.

2. To ensure the normal operation of this machine, before materials go into the equipment, a feeder machine whose feeding amount can be adjusted can be used.

6. The lubricating points of the fixed bearing pedestal and sliding bearing pedestal should be added oil on time, and 80% lubricating grease should be maintained in the chamber. When adding oil to the driving support, it is necessary to make sure that lubricating grease of static pressure ball machine can be squeezed out from the shaft end on the performing press device for the purpose of preventing dust from going in to damage the bearings.

5. When dismantling and changing the bearings of static pressure ball machine, well adjust the radial internal clearance of the bearings and the clearance should conform to the standard.

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