Four Methods to Choose Coal Slime Dryer Machine

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Four Methods to Choose Coal Slime Dryer Machine

Post  sweety on Thu May 08, 2014 2:06 am

In most people’s opinion,dryer need a lot of electricity, in fact, the dryers heat source is variety: wood, natural gas, oil, electricity, etc., and if you want to use electricity, Henan Fote Machinery Co., Ltd. proposed to use high-temperature heat pump dryer, which drying Machine considerable heat pipe energy saving over 70%. So for the customer that want to buy dryers, how to choose the right dryer is very important, here henan dajia will give the brief introduction about how to choose the coal and slime dryer. And when we purchase the coal and slime dryers, we should pay more attention to what, the following will have a best answer.

Firstly, before the purchasing the dryer, we must know what we need and make it clear that our condition. For example, the size of coal and slime dryer, the output, the wet of coal and slime, after the dryer produces the coal and slime, you want to sell them at the what price and so on. So we need to think about many sides so that we have a better choice.

Secondly, when we are buying the equipment, we must come to the professional company to buy, if the condition is ok, we should go to the workplace to visit and require the factory has the detail test, and recognize whether the equipment is good quality or not. So we can find the equipment that catches up with our demand.

Thirdly, before we buy the equipment, we had better ensure that we should choose which kind of dryer according to our requirement, then we should know more knowledge about dryer so that we have a good ready. If we decide to buy dryer, we should ask some information for specialist of the factory and require that he explain how to operate the dryer.

Fourthly, of course, when we want to buy the equipment, we should visit many professional factories and check out their quality and require them provide the detail quotation list, then we make a comparison so that we choose the better equipment.

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