The Difference Between Rotary Dryer and Centrifugal Dryer

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The Difference Between Rotary Dryer and Centrifugal Dryer

Post  sweety on Thu May 08, 2014 2:08 am

The drying equipment develops at an alarming speed from the very beginning, which makes it an indispensible part of the industrial production process. At present, the drying equipment industry has entered into a stage of products structure adjustment and innovation ability improvement. All kinds of dryer machine is making its contribution in every corner of the world and basically meets the market demand. The rotary drum dryer has improved a lot in the competitiveness.

Rotary dryer and centrifugal dryer were once total different kind of dryers. Until recent years some dryers with the combination of rotary dryer and centrifugal dryer are created for different applications. In one word: the drying process becomes more accurate and practical.

The most familiar centrifugal dryer in our daily lives is the dryer for the washing machine. With the centrifugal power on the water in the clothes, most of the water is removed, the improved design added the heating section, and surely the effect of drying is better. The rotary dryers are mainly referred to the dryers that for industrial uses, the heat created by the fuel burning is used to increase the air temperature. The hot air and cold air is blended for the contact of the wet material in the dryer, the rotary dryer relies on the high temperature dry air contact rather than the high speed rotation.

According to customers’ demand, the gas producer, combustion chamber or supporting elevator, belt conveyer, fixed-quantity feeder, cyclone dust collector and draught fan can be designed respectively in the rotary dryer. The main body is chiefly composed of the cylinder, front roll ring, back roll ring, gear, and dam roller; drag roller, pinion, discharging part, raising plate, reducer, motor, feeding chute, furnace body, etc.

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