Process Characteristics of Ore Rod Grinding Mill

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Process Characteristics of Ore Rod Grinding Mill Empty Process Characteristics of Ore Rod Grinding Mill

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The main feature of the rod grinder lies in that during the ore grinding process, the grinding media and the rocks touch in a linear manner, so that the grinding and crushing is selective. The granularity of the final products is relatively even and the over crushing particles are few. And are you familiar with the process features of ore grinder?

1: save power - are older equipment, save power more than 40%. Product size of rod grinding machine is even, and less bulky particles and slime.Grain size characteristics of a product rod mill and ball mill, rod grinding mill open circuit work product granularity characteristic curve and closed circuit ball mill work nearly the same.

2: the use of advanced controllable front-rear ore rod mill technology, combined with the actual user of grinding materials with suitable grinding body, changes the surface contact of traditional ball mill line Contact, make HuaLi card system sand machine discharging granularity is uniform and has higher yield, suitable for different hardness ore (5.5 ~ 12 mohs hardness).

3: discharging fineness is adjustable, can easily change the discharging granularity, the built-in fineness control device, discharge can add screening device, two checks, ensure that neither produced grinding and not mix unqualified products into finished products. Mineral Rod mill product granularity characteristics associated with the situation of rod grinding ore. When great blow ore, the first is coarse, and then grind the smaller particles, thereby reducing the risk of crushing. When rod along the plate turns the rise, meantime with coarse grain, like a bar screen, from fine grained rod through between seam, this also is helpful for minced coarse grain, and the coarse concentrated grinding medium during a crackdown on place.Therefore, the product of the rod mill
is uniform, crushing the lighter.

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