Fote Impact Crusher Has A Comprehensive Function

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Fote Impact Crusher Has A Comprehensive Function

Post  sweety on Tue Jun 10, 2014 4:09 am

The impact crusher is widely used in chemical, cement and construction field. The grain shape and uniformity of final products is better than those produced by other crushers. The impact crusher adopts keyless connection which can strengthen the whole equipment, besides, it has features like high efficiency, good safety performance, environmental protection, energy saving, convenient operation and low repair rate, which can decrease environmental pressure faced with cement industry.

With the rapid expanding of cement industry, the environmental protection is facing a bigger and bigger pressure. Fote Machinery is a professional crushing equipment manufacturer, and its main products are jaw crusher, hammer crusher, impact crusher and vibrating screen, which make great contribution in cement production. Crusher industry is developing rapidly according to the actual needs of different industries. Fote Machinery makes some innovation to it based on its actual usage.

The impact plate regulation system of impact crusher can be used as the whole equipment's overload protection device, in order to prevent the damage from foreign materials or uncrushable things. In addition, this crusher adopts multi-stage impact cavity which provides enough room to crush large pieces of materials. The angle of impact plate can be regulated to ensure a reasonable angle for impact plate and rotor. A reasonable angle can improve crushing efficiency greatly and reduce energy consumption during multi-stage crushing process. Our nation keeps the stable development of cement industry at the same time of strengthening environmental protection and improving the cement's quality. The components of impact crusher have strong interchangeability, so it is easy to maintain and repair. The machine has a comprehensive function and little dust emission, which not only prolongs its service life, but also meets the environmental requirements. All of these help the crusher and cement industry develop healthily and rapidly.

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