Acquainted with Adjustment Device of Symons Cone Crusher

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Acquainted with Adjustment Device of Symons Cone Crusher Empty Acquainted with Adjustment Device of Symons Cone Crusher

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Through expert optimization improved Symons cone crusher, the structure is more reasonable, more advanced technology, the manufacture, installation, use and maintenance, etc all have excellent performance. This tupe cone crushe can be widely used in metal and non-metallic mineral, cement, construction, sand and gravel, metallurgy and other industries. Symons cone crusher is suitable for iron ore, non-ferrous metal ore, granite, limestone, quartzite, sandstone, pebbles, etc.

And today let us learn something about the adjustment device of Symons cone crusher
. Cone crusher adjustment device is actually part of fixed cone, the adjusting ring, support ring, drive hydraulic cylinder , lock nut locking hydraulic cylinder and piston. Bearing ring installed on the top of the rack and with the aid of spring cone crusher around and stand against. adjusting ring bearing ring contact surface are serrated thread. Mounted on the supporting ring two claws and a pair of driving hydraulic cylinder. Locking hydraulic cylinder and the piston is installed in the upper portion of the supporting ring. Lock nut and adjust ring contact surface is also made into sawtooth thread.When the normal work of the crusher, lock inside the hydraulic cylinder is filled with pressure oil, make the lock nut, ring and adjusting ring contact surface of sawtooth thread is cant fit closely, to achieve the purpose of locking. When need to adjust the discharging mouth, the first locking hydraulic cylinder unloading, relax the sawtooth thread, and then control the hydraulic system, start the driving hydraulic cylinder of Symons cone crusher and drives the adjusting ring rotation movement, as a result of the sawtooth thread transmission, makes the fixed cone up or down, so as to achieve the purpose of adjust the discharging mouth.

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