What is the Ideal Fuel for Limestone Rotary Kiln?

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What is the Ideal Fuel for Limestone Rotary Kiln? Empty What is the Ideal Fuel for Limestone Rotary Kiln?

Post  ploor on Mon Jun 23, 2014 7:11 pm

The burned lime with the amount of fuel, and its type furnace is associated with the calorific value of fuel. Calcined lime needed heat made by burning fuel, gas fuel is calculated according to its calorific value. According to the practical experience to produce 1 kg of lime in about 960 calories. But as a result of GeChang production equipment and the different process conditions also have difference.In general, the burn around 1600 cubic tons of lime with blast furnace gas, coke oven gas burning need to around 300 cubic, need about 360 cubic, calcium carbide exhaust gas should be around 120 cubic, producer gas to around 900 cubic. So it is important to choose the ideal fuel for the lime kiln.

Gas burning lime rotary kiln technology developed in our country's time is short, any transaction has met a development process. Coke oven gas, in particular, due to the high calorific value, short flame limestone rotary kiln are using easy to burn and ShengShao, which did not dare bold use some enterprises.In fact this is not too difficult to solve the problem, now have produced the outer recirculation long flame burning nozzle, and lime rotary kiln self-circulation dilution technique of high calorific value gas. Can completely solve the problem of coke oven gas burning lime.

The ideal fuel for lime rotary kiln is gas, blast furnace gas, converter gas and coke oven gas, calcium carbide, exhaust gas (gas) generator gas is one of the best fuel for lime rotary kiln, etc. Because the gas fuel belongs to recycling, the nature of circular economy. Especially the coke oven gas is very rich in resources, followed by blast furnace gas, calcium carbide and exhaust, if the gas is used, then can be a large number of energy saving, and environment protection is available, the more important is the enterprise can get very good economic benefits. Gas burning lime kiln, if a large number of developed, soil kiln naturally solves the environmental pollution problems.

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