Have You Found Problem of China Sand Washer in Market

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Have You Found Problem of China Sand Washer in Market Empty Have You Found Problem of China Sand Washer in Market

Post  ploor on Thu Jun 26, 2014 12:40 am

China Sand washer (sand washing machine) is a kind of water use of sand making machine type sand washing equipment, sand washing machine can mix mechanism of sand out of the sand wash traces of stone powder and the impurity, thus improve the quality of the sand.XZD series high efficient washing sand machine, sand washing machine series is a kind of wheel dou type washing equipment, mainly used in the construction site, sandstone factory, hydropower station, concrete dam site, post pole factory need to unit sand and sand casting with 'seven', glass Shi Yingsha and oil well backfill with pressure sand washing, grading and dehydration. But have you found out the problem of china sand washers in mining market?

From the perspective of the problem of China sand washer appear on the market, the sand washer industry in our country still has the quality problem, also shows no a unified standard for sand washer industry is absolutely out of question. Set up the standard, have the market. The establishment of the first to participate in the standard, won the first class tickets in the future. With the deepening of the global economic integration, the standard highlights in the global market competition is more and more important position. Sand washing machines enterprise must understand and grasp timely China sand washers safety regulations and standards; Enterprise product design, quality management personnel must be familiar with and understand the standards, in product development design, not only to consider the shape and function of product, must according to the customer's actual situation, pay attention to the safety performance of the sand washing plant
. Design products only accord with the standard of inspection of the region, the product have a market value.

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