Must Know Something to Operate Rotary Kiln Safely

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Must Know Something to Operate Rotary Kiln Safely Empty Must Know Something to Operate Rotary Kiln Safely

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According to the different materials, the rotary kiln can be divided into cement rotary kiln, metallurgy chemical kiln and lime rotary kiln. The cement rotary kiln is mainly used for the calcinations of cement clinker, and it has two types of dry and wet methods. Cement rotary kiln belongs to the building material equipment. but do you know how to operate cement rotary kiln safelly?

1, strictly abide by rules of safe operation, and earnestly implementing post responsibility system.

2, check the gas and cooling water pipe leakage, leakage or blocked, if any problem of cement rotary kiln, should be timely treatment.

3, maintenance system, cement rotary kiln should be written on the card marked 'someone work, do not start the' words, such as when to cut off the power supply, in case of one thousand.

4, stop furnace maintenance, the maintenance team leader before turning kiln, special to receive maintenance should turn to be responsible for the kiln 'work permit', notify each place tidy up the maintenance staff tools, away from the post, and recover the 'work permit' before turning kiln.After being duly turning kiln, keep maintenance 'work permit' to the maintenance jobs, may continue to for maintenance. Maintenance is finished, instant transfer maintenance 'work permit' return is responsible for the kiln, and through the acceptance and commissioning.

5, the cement rotary kiln before starting, be sure to contact the relevant job personnel, after agreed, before moving.

6, running of equipment cannot span or repair.Of equipment is in operation, judgment, are not allowed to use hands and feet contact method to test, to avoid the operation of the machine damaged.

7, work often should pay attention to the equipment operation, gas burning and drying of raw materials, in the event of the combustion chamber fire suddenly, should be immediately shut off the gas valve, lest produce gas poisoning.

8, and gas station before stop limestone rotary kiln is good, first stop charging, then according to the situation of the kiln temperature gradually reduce the amount of gas, gas close rear can blower, extinguishing 16 hours later, to stop the kiln, and close the cooling water, when there is no load for groove steel conveyor belt.

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