Which Factor Affect Operation Cost of Ore Rotary Kiln

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Which Factor Affect Operation Cost of Ore Rotary Kiln Empty Which Factor Affect Operation Cost of Ore Rotary Kiln

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In the cement production line, the rotary kiln, which is aslo known as lime pit and ore rotary kiln, can be used for burning the cement clinker. Then it is called clinker rotary kiln or rotary calciner kiln. The rotary kiln is one of the important machines in the cement production. In addition, it can also be used for calcining clay, ceramics or haycite. But do you know Which Factor Affect Operation Cost of Ore Rotary Kiln?

Lime rotary kiln (i.e., active lime pit) used for roasting plant, ferroalloy plant with the active lime and calcined dolomite.Rotary kiln is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building refractory, sanitation and other industries. The rotary kiln consists of cylinder, supporting device, gear wheel bearing device, transmission device, moving kiln head, sealing device, coal injection pipe device and other parts.Kiln body of rotary kiln and the level of a certain slope, whole kiln body by supporting roller device, and control the kiln body jumped up and down to move the catch wheel device, transmission system, besides setting main drive was set up in the main power supply can still make the kiln body rotation, to prevent the kiln body bending deformation of auxiliary transmission device, the kiln head, sealing device adopts the advanced technology, to ensure the reliability of the seal.

Cement rotary kiln under high temperature condition overload alternating slow running, the accessory equipment maintenance and the system of the thermal control level is related to the safety and effect of the rotary kiln running.Transmission device maintenance with a focus on the equipment lubrication, running state, and the size of the dynamic testing and gear meshing accuracy;Support device installation accuracy decides the rotary kiln can be safe and reliable operation, should be paid attention to in the operation of the reasonable control of each gear wheel load distribution, and decorate a form of roller TDD, hydraulic gear wheel has pressure and time, the stress of the roller, the clearance between the plate and belting leather.The stand or fall of sealing device, directly affect the thermal system of rotary kiln and operation cost.Daily maintenance data, strengthen rotary kiln is advantageous to the management of the equipment.

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