Function of Main Parts in Combination Crusher

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Function of Main Parts in Combination Crusher Empty Function of Main Parts in Combination Crusher

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Hongxing vertical compound cone crusher is mainly composed of drive components, drive shaft and driven shaft, cutter, mechanical seal, shell, etc. Crusher drive components drive shaft rotation, at the same time, through precision gear drives the driven shaft, drive shaft rotation, make fixed on the two axis milling cutter is reverse rotation, bit crowded broken and solid. Structure features of hongxing machinery compound cone crusher are as follows: crusher shaft mounted bevel gear reducer and motor helical gear reducer, make the crusher structure is compact, more convenient installation and maintenance.

Vertical compound crusher have different driving shaft and driven shaft speed, so that between the cutter slag since the qing dynasty.Vertical crusher spiral milling cutter is used in left and right spiral, into the driving shaft and driven shaft spiral and right after then spiral arrangement, and to reduce the crushing force, improve the crusher drive stability.Vertical compound crusher bearing adopts mechanical seal, in order to protect the vertical compound crusher bearing work properly.

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Hongxing machinery vertical Combination Crusher machine main components:Axis: Combination Crusher drive shaft and driven shaft is made from high strength alloy steel, quenched and tempered treatment, satisfy the strength requirement. Base and casing: crusher base made of ductile iron casting, has a guiding device, it in the guide type solid particles directly into the crushing grille at the same time, Combination Crusher can protect the bushing. On the casing is nodular cast iron.Gear reducer, gear reducer of Combination Crusher performance good, adapted to the harsh environment, has great shock absorption ability.

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