How to Guarantee Rod Grinder Achieve Best Effect?

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How to Guarantee Rod Grinder Achieve Best Effect? Empty How to Guarantee Rod Grinder Achieve Best Effect?

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Since ore rod mill often adopts over flow type, it is also called wet type rod mill. Generally speaking, ore rod mill is used as first-stage open-circuit ore grinding equipment. n addition, there is dry rod mill which is often used in artificial sand and stone making production line, ore beneficiation plant, chemistry and power station.

Rod mill is loaded by the cylinder body of grinding medium is named for the steel bar and ore rod mill is generally adopts wet the overflow type, can be used as a first class open circuit grinding, rod mill is widely used in metal and nonmetal mines and water conservancy, building materials department all kinds of ores and rocks.Rod mill has dry and wet two forms, the user can choose according to their own actual situation to. Wet rod mill according to the discharge mode can be divided into the overflow type rod mill, open mouth grinding rod mill, the type of rod mill around three, one is given priority to with the overflow type rod mill.

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Rod grinding mill strip steel holding between the gap, these gaps can be timely early acceptance has been broken to a certain degree of debris.To avoid suffering from steel cast down when shock again, and has reached the fineness requirement of particles along the gap by water rushed out of the barrel, therefore sewn can play a role in 'screening'.Obviously, sewn cross section is large, it is accepted by the debris was coarse, broken pitcher in the fine grinding opportunities.A crushing phenomenon also is light.

There are three kinds of ore rod mill USES is roughly:1). Tungsten tin and other rare metals re-election or magnetic separation plant, and quartz sand factory, in order to prevent the harm caused by 'crush', often using rod mill.2). When two continuous grinding is used, if the first paragraph from 20-6 mm mill to 3-1 mm, the rod mill grinding device for the first paragraph, large production capacity, efficiency is also higher.3). In some cases, rod mill can replace short head cone crusher finely.

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