Had You Noticed to Steel Bar in Ore Grinder?

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Had You Noticed to Steel Bar in Ore Grinder? Empty Had You Noticed to Steel Bar in Ore Grinder?

Post  danny231 on Fri Aug 08, 2014 12:45 am

Ore grinder has the similar working principle with the ball mill, but since the ore grinding media filled in the machine are steel rod, it is called rod mill. It is widely applied in powder grinding all kinds of rocks and ores in metal and non-metallic mining, water conservancy and building material department. As a result, it can also be called mineral rod mill or ore rod mill.

Rod mill grinding media is to rely on the movement of grinding material of steel bar.The same steel bar in the ore rod mill generally has three different forms of exercise, and exercise in various forms of steel bar in Ore grinder will provide materials with different functions.Throw fall, steel bar in relatively high out of the wall along a parabolic trajectory, on entering cylinder of coarse aggregate, with its great impact to smashing the coarse material into different sizes of detritus, steel bar in Ore grinder xie falls, upper steel bar along the lower steel roll down step by step down, at this point, it produces grinding to debris, and gives the impact, make its further broken into smaller particles.And slide ShiGang bar only because of the relative sliding or rolling and grinding effect.

Diarrhea falls while only occurs in the surface layers of steel bar, cutting the pressure weight is small, but the ShiGang stick both impact, also produce grinding, it makes the cuttings in compressive stress and shear stress is higher.Because of lithic shear strength is far lower than their compressive strength, so the cuttings are more likely to be cut, and steel rods have diarrhoea when more frequently, the function of cutting for a long time. More important is, in the actual production conditions, the proportion of diarrhea in Ore grinder falls is the largest, so xie fall and slide is the fundamental cause of a crushing.

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