Had You Ever Known VR Raymond Mill Thus Far?

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Had You Ever Known VR Raymond Mill Thus Far? Empty Had You Ever Known VR Raymond Mill Thus Far?

Post  danny231 on Mon Aug 11, 2014 8:10 pm

Particle size of R-type Raymond grinding mill finished product can be discretionarily adjusted between 80-325 mesh, and granularity of some materials can be up to 600 mesh. But Had You Ever Known VR Raymond Mill Thus Far?

1925 E.C.L oesche summarizes the use of the first generation of Raymond grinding mill characteristics and structure defects, decided to further improve the Raymond mill grinding structure, developed a contrary to the raymond pulverizer grinding principle, called the modified Raymond grinding mill. Main structure of raymond pulverizer is a bowl of ring, roller using mechanical spring load pressure increase grinding force, material feeding bowl shaped by the center ring by rotating centrifugal force in grinding roller.Roller roller fixed on a rocker arm can be a one-way activity, each radial grinding force is controlled by adjustable spring. The improved ventilation of the Raymond grinding mill system has positive pressure and negative pressure straight down in two ways.

This type of raymond pulverizer patent shortly Combustion Engineering company (Combustion Engineering).Ring still exist due to improved Raymond mill roller mill, although the roll diameter increases slightly, but not grinding force increases. Later, Raymond branch and combustion engineering companies in the United States on the basis of developing a new generation of Raymond mill, referred to as VR raymond pulverizer. The Raymond mill and was in many ways the structure is similar.It is worth noting that it is different from was tapered roller and plane grinding mill, and the use of cylindrical roller and belt with a 15 degree Angle of tilt on the surface of the raymond pulverizer. Roller of raymond pulverizer during inspection and maintenance has to dig out the similar grinding roll, and equipped with protection device, in order to prevent the metal contact between the roller and a millstone.

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