Technology Features of Hongxing Clinker Grinding Station

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Technology Features of Hongxing Clinker Grinding Station Empty Technology Features of Hongxing Clinker Grinding Station

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Cement grinding station is divided into cement clinker factory, clinker grinding station and the preparation of four types of plants. Clinker grinding station, including: cement grinding, homogenization and preparation of cement, cement and bulk packaging manufacturing processes of enterprises. Our series grinding is mainly used for a variety of vertical roller mill slag, limestone, barite and other minerals in the milling process.

The clinker grinding station uses the advanced output controllable technology, with the fact milling material, setting the suitable miller, changing the traditional surface contact into line contact, making the output granularity evener and higher. Now this kind of equipment is widely used in chemical, metallurgy, glasses industry, and other industries having the high milling requirement in recent years.

The clinker grinding station uses pre-crushing technology, so that it reduces the granularity of the materials that are fed into the grinding mill, and on the other hand, promotes the materials to produce flaws and defects inside, thus greatly improving the output of cement mill and reducing the energy consumption. The technologies used in the new type cement grinding includes admixture crushing, cement burdening station, pre-crushing, fine powder grinding, fine powder separation, powder dust processing and automatic control, so that the cement produced by this grinding station has high quality.

Characteristics of cement grinding plant:

1. The complete cement plant includes high -efficiency low-resistance five-stage cyclone pre-heater and furnace system with high gas adaptability,high classfication efficiency,high heat exchanging efficiency and low system resistance will be a adopted at the kiln inlet,so as to increase the output clinker.

2. Great importance has been attached to the environmental protection in the plant.In order to measure up to the enviroment protection standard,advanced practicable dust collectors are adopted at all dust generating points.

3. This cement grinding production line adopts advanced technology and high quality equipment.

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