The Advanced Desgin Advantages of Bucket Type Lifter

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The Advanced Desgin Advantages of Bucket Type Lifter Empty The Advanced Desgin Advantages of Bucket Type Lifter

Post  ploor on Thu Aug 28, 2014 8:20 pm

Bucket elevator is a common vertical elevator hoist; it is suitable for conveying powdery, granular and small-block materials without abrasion, such as coal, cement, stone, sand, clay, limestone, clinker, etc. The maximum lifting height can reach 40 meters. Bucket type lifter because of the scope of application of different, is also different in the application of industry, and a variety of different types of interaction and equipment supporting the use of equipment, there is a common motor vibration feeder, screw conveyor, vibration sieve, especially in the mining industry.

The production process is a common vibration screen material classification screening, and then by the screw conveyor, hoist conveyor equipment, material conveying, then by the vibrating feeder will material into the hopper material hoist lifting operation. The whole production line includes a variety of different types of equipment, different function.

Bucket type lifter for its role in mining industry because of its unique advantages. Its main advantage is that:

1. long service life, improve the feeding machine to take into the type, without the use of filler material, material rarely occurs between the extrusion and collision phenomenon. The ore elevator machine in the design to ensure that the material discharging in the feeding, when few scattered, reduces the mechanical wear.

2. lifting range, this type of hoist on the types of materials, performance requirements, not only can improve the general powdery, granular materials, but also can enhance the abrasive materials. Good sealing performance, less environmental pollution.

3. good operating reliability, advanced design principle and processing methods, to ensure the reliability of the whole fault, no more than 20000 hours. High lifting height . Hoist running smoothly, thus can achieve high lifting height.

4. small driving power, the inflow type feeding, induction type discharge, high capacity hopper intensive layout. In the material lifting almost no feed back and dig material phenomenon, so the reactive power is less.

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