Describe the Use and Features of Mini Jaw Crusher

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Describe the Use and Features of Mini Jaw Crusher Empty Describe the Use and Features of Mini Jaw Crusher

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Mini Jaw crusher is coarse crushing equipment for ores and other hard materials, and it is characterized by big crushing ratio, high yield, uniform particle size, simple structure, easy maintenance and low production costs. The movable jaw plate makes direct contact with the materials when the jaw crusher is working, and thus it often suffers great load.In the process that sending materials into the opening mouth of stone jaw crusher, it may be difficult to crush materials of a special firm stones or iron objects. If inappropriate piece of insurance in a timely manner prohibits this from happening, then the hard materials in the crushing chamber will be crushed deformity or even directly impede the operation of the crushing equipment, resulting in downtime review. And if there is insurance ensuring adequate supplies, which will greatly promote the proactive moderation of stone crusher equipment and production lines.

Small jaw crusher has the following features:

1. The bearing of jaw breaker uses integrated cast steel structure. Overall steel bearing not only can guarantee its prefect fitting with the crusher frame, but also can greatly enhance the radial strength of the bearing.

2. Fully considerate the crushing principle of jaw crushing machine based on that of ordinary jaw crusher, and use more advanced assembly technology of , to make it more durable.

3. Use the patented technology and the most high-end materials combined with world-class manufacturing processes, to ensure equipment quality and efficiency.

4. The symmetrical “V-shaped” structure of crushing chamber makes the actual width of the inlet port in line with the nominal width of the feeding port.

5. The latest tooth guard of jaw crusher increases the effective length of the jaw plates, to increase the productivity of jaw crusher machine.

6. The bearings have larger specification and better carrying capacity, which can greatly extend the service life of the bearings.

7. The using of finite element analysis techniques gives the crusher a higher strength.

8. The adjustment of feeding port makes it more convenient.

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