Introduce the High Standards of Ore Flotation Equipment

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Introduce the High Standards of Ore Flotation Equipment Empty Introduce the High Standards of Ore Flotation Equipment

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We all know, in fact ore also points a lot of kinds, there are all kinds of mineral resources in China, different ore used in different industries. So to the choice of different ore flotation machine have different selection criteria. Which demands magnet cutoff grade ore is more than 20%, industrial requirements up to 25%. Requires the hematite cutoff grade of 25%, industrial grade of 28% - 30%. For siderite stone cutoff grade is 20%, industrial grade of 25% or more. And finally a limonite stone flotation machine asks cutoff grade of 25%, 30% industrial grade.

Flotation machine always owns high standards about the production of iron ore. As we all know, flotation machine occupies very important position in the mineral processing equipment. Definition of flotation machine for the production of the ore with high standard, especially in the flotation pause mineral particles, then need customer scientific analysis categories and properties of the ore. High quality raw materials can produce the high standard product, such ability can create huge benefits for customers, so we can't reduce the standard.

Flotation cell is widely applicable for coarese separation, fine separator and reverse flotation of nonferrous metals like copper, lead, zinc, nickel and molybdenum as well as ferrous metal and non-metallic minerals. In the flotation process of flotation machine for low iron or iron is high, the harmful impurity content in excess of the prescribed ore, or iron ore containing associated useful components, all needs to ore dressing.

The motor of the flotation separator drives impellers to rotate, and generate centrifugal effect to form the negative pressure, so on one hand, the flotation separator can inhale sufficient air to mix with slurry, on the other hand it can stir the slurry to mix with drug, while refine foam. So, mineral material can stick on the foam, and it will be the mineralized bubble after floating to the pulp surface. Adjusting the height of shutter and controlling the liquid surface can help to scrape useful foam.

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