Introduce the Innovation of Ore Separating Line

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Introduce the Innovation of Ore Separating Line Empty Introduce the Innovation of Ore Separating Line

Post  ploor on Sat Sep 27, 2014 9:48 pm

At present, the main equipment used in ore processing plant includes ball mill, magnetic separator, flotation concentrator, drying machine, concentrator table and so on. Due to the popular products in beneficiation, ore dressing equipment is always the focus of the market demand.

Among the exploitation of iron ore, although the level of automation has increased, but the recovery rate, quality and other aspects of tailings still a wide gap, therefore, mining technology and processes need to be improved to improve the accuracy of the ore, the face is not the iron ore market economy, in order to quickly develop iron ore, iron ore processing equipment must be based on quality, win in innovation.

1. iron ore processing plant when sorting grinding, the introduction of foreign advanced level to develop energy-saving high-volume integrated devices, improve the overall technological level of China’s iron ore as soon as possible, should be further strengthened to effectively micro-fine iron minerals recovered energy- dressing development of equipment, such as some of the permanent magnet with magnetic devices, particle flotation machine, with many multi- cylinder separator increased granularity in-depth study.

2. strengthening the adaptability of various ores, efficient, low temperature, non-toxic agents, to reinforce research on the future path of development of mineral processing equipment, competition among enterprises is the competition of technological innovation and enterprise talent reserves, mineral processing equipment innovation is inseparable from the development of the industry, for the industry to inject fresh blood.

3. ore dressing equipment for flotation smaller current status quo, iron ore beneficiation line for large-scale, energy-efficient direction of development have been identified.

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