Ore Beneficiation Processing Line

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Ore Beneficiation Processing Line

Post  sophie1 on Tue Oct 07, 2014 6:50 pm

Ore beneficiation processing line development process and device synchronization fact , production technology will affect the quality of the mineral industry. Future large-scale trends evident processing equipment , the development of large equipment can greatly improve the level of mineral processing equipment manufacturers , thereby enhancing overall economic efficiency . Large ore device not only can reduce infrastructure investment can also reduce footprint and power consumption easier to automate.

In Europe and other developed markets , as iron ore beneficiation processing line moved convenient, environmentally friendly, efficient , and its performance advantage is more prominent , so the application is more common , the market share of up to 60 % -70 %. Given the mobile separation process equipment future broad market prospects , Chinese enterprises to be outdone, in the technical , marketing and service distribution began catching up fast . Currently , the famous iron ore beneficiation processing line equipment developer and manufacturer Hongxing after ten years of innovation and development as one day , and has mastered the world-class mobile ore beneficiation processing line equipment technology that can be comparable with the advanced enterprises in Europe and America ! Development and utilization of foreign ferrous metal mineral resources, is an important guarantee to ensure our long-term strategic mineral resources in the effective supply of mineral resources is to implement the “going out” strategy to achieve sustainable development of the national economy inevitable choice , to promote the country abroad metallic mineral resources development and industry, technological progress is important. The technology if iron ore beneficiation processing line in recent years both the progress and development , technology and industrial mineral raw materials for increasingly high quality requirements directly mined ore often not up to standard song , and then processing the raw ore to meet the requirements. Pekah , high iron content of sulfur and phosphorus when refining pig iron brittle , then lower levels of beneficiation processes parathion is necessary ; produce magnetic iron concentrate , and sometimes requires its silicon content less than o . 4% , so that the non- super orange beneficiated ore can not . The list goes on . Now becoming increasingly common mineral essential part of mineral processing ; Currently used magnetic – just Zunyi manganese ore flotation process . The mine is mainly low manganese carbonate manganese, phosphorus, high iron ore .

According to industry tests , using rod mill grinding process – milling stage grinding , manganese ore beneficiation processing line scale are φ2100mm * 3000mm wet mill . Strong magnetic separation using shp-2000 -type magnetic machine, flotation machine is mainly used CHF -type inflatable flotation machine . After years of production tests , good performance, the ore beneficiation processing line is suitable for application in various manganese beneficiation . Magnetic – flotation process successfully tested and applied in production , marking China’s manganese deep -election has been a major step forward .

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