Micro Powder Mill Is in Great Demand in Grinding Process

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Micro Powder Mill Is in Great Demand in Grinding Process

Post  sophie1 on Tue Oct 07, 2014 7:07 pm

With the development of industry, the field of processing and utilization of fly ash is greatly expanded , and micro powder mill is bound to become the device of choice in the future fly ash processing industry. Coal combustion flue gas collected down the fine ash known as fly ash, coal-fired power plant fly ash is discharged from the main solid waste . China is coal and coal- consuming countries , thus micro powder mill , powder grinding mill, powder grinding machine began to dominate the market , with the fly ash after micro powder grinding mill after finishing materials as cement , greatly enhance the performance of concrete .

Micro Powder Mill

As the national economy metallic mineral products more and more important , the development of its metallic minerals , expand the range of applications , more and more people s attention and favor , micro powder mill plays an important role and its contribution can not be ignored . Micro powder mill of Hongxing produced a total of five models , each model is designed to be single-minded in the processing of raw materials according to the type and hardness , as based on the final size of the same capacity and the same refined motor power , powder grinding machine two multi-jet mill , micro powder mill, and the energy consumption reduced by 30 %. HXJQ is a high-tech and new enterprise specially engaging the research, development and manufacturing of crushers, powder grinding machines and sand maker, the micro powder mill we manufacture include Raymond mill, high pressure over-hang roll mill, super-fine ring-roll mill, ball mill and other grinding mills. Our company has the first-class production and manufacturing base in our country and we are equipped with intelligentized and standardized testing and control laboratory and have professional research and development, production and sales and service team. during the operation of grinding mills, there should be specialized staff responsible for guarding the machines, and the operating staff must have the good technical level. Before the installation of micro powder mills, it is necessary to conduct technical training for the operating staff,So that they can understand the principle performance of grinding mills and be familiar with the operation process. In order to make grinding mills work normally, Equipment Maintenance and Safe Operating System needs to be instituted to ensure the long-term safe-running of micro powder mills. Moreover, it is necessary to reserve some maintenance tools and grease accessories.

Due to various reasons, micro powder mill will appear faults and problems because of the differences of nature of crushed materials, working environment, the characteristics of the machine itself and so on. Actually, These problems can be avoided by preventive measures or regular check of micro powder mill spare parts.

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