The Right Operating Procedure of River Sand Dryer

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The Right Operating Procedure of River Sand Dryer Empty The Right Operating Procedure of River Sand Dryer

Post  ploor on Wed Oct 08, 2014 7:34 pm

River sand dryer is a kind of sand dryer, of which sea sand dryer is also one of the most commonly used ones apart from river sand dryer. River sand dryer or sea sand dryer which both belong to sand dryer are used to dry materials at large quantities.

Today Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co., Ltd. is going to analyse how to operate the river sand dryer machine.

(1) before the start of the drying period of each rotary sand dryer, the dryer machine should be baked by hot blast stove oven 7 days, at the same time check the sand dryer accessories. During the drying period, before producing again please clear the tower and the furnace, the hot blast stove can ignite directly without baking again, after about 1 hour or so, the temperature can meet the requirements.

(2) Among the drying period, we need 4 people per shift, 1 control room, 1 coal-heaver, 1 slag workers, and a person for cleaning up the scene and touring, usually implement the three shifts, each class before the succession should clean the stove ash and the coke in the hanging wall of the hot blast stove. In the normal production process, the furnace should be cleared every15 ~ 20 days, generally the clearance need about one day.

(4) The monitor of the sand rotary dryer, records the sand moisture, temperature, air temperature, grate revolutions, the sand motor revolutions after drying every hour, daily coal and electricity consumption. According to the sand water status after drying in the drying oven and the sand water status offered by the fast measuring cup type water meter, then adjust the grate and the sand motor revolutions, to control the sand moisture after drying.

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