The Influence of Briquetting Machine in Compressing Loose Bi

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The Influence of Briquetting Machine in Compressing Loose Bi

Post  sophie1 on Fri Oct 10, 2014 12:11 am

Compression of loose biomass, rice husk and other agricultural residues or forest waste in to high density briquettes with the help of briquetting machine is called briquetting. During the process, any kind of binder or chemical is not needed. It binds the raw material itself by high temperature and high pressure of biomass briquette machine.The energy released when burning biomass briquettes in modern heating systems is also utilized very efficiently.

Briquetting Machine

China industrial engineering for using biomass briquettes in energy generation has undergone continuous development, making it highly reliable and providing solutions tailored to meet customer requirements in the best way possible. Manually operated, partly automated and fully automated furnaces and boilers with electronically regulated firing systems have been developed to burn this briquetting machine, resulting in a low-emission combustion process with a particularly high efficiency factor of up to 90 per cent. Today, Fote Machinery scientists are working with their counterparts in provincial and territorial governments, industry and universities to explore a range of biomass-related and biomass-derived technologies and products. The briquetting machine technology is the physical transformation of the loose raw material into a compact form with biomass briquetting machine. The form change results in a much higher specific density of the material, which increases its combustion efficiency as compared to the loose material. The plant, which uses sawdust and other wood fiber, is entirely self sufficient and provides a further 5 megawatts of electricity to the National Grid. Meanwhile the Agronomy Institute on Orkney has planted 150,000 willows to start the production of biomass briquettes as a green, clean form of heating for homes.

The idea of briquetting is to use materials that are otherwise no usable due to lack of density, compressing them into a solid fuel of convenient shape that can be burned like wood or charcoal. According to our experts, the installation and test-run of the fluorite powder briquetting machine is very important in the fluorite production line. There are many necessary tips for the correct operating steps of the briquetting machine.

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