Rotary Dryers are of Great Importance in Energy Conservation

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Rotary Dryers are of Great Importance in Energy Conservation

Post  sophie1 on Thu Oct 16, 2014 2:32 am

Fote always believes that there would be a return, paid work a harvest. Today our new designed coal rotary dryer will be delivered to clients working site. Because raw material is coal slurry, in order to avoid stickup phenomenon we add some chains and beats inside of dryer. In the premise of ensuring capacity, it also can have good drying effect.

A rotary is a device that uses rotation, gravity and warm gases to dry materials. And now with the maturity of market, more and more rotary dryer equipments spring up, which rang from small household clothes dryers to large industry dryer equipments. However, no matter their size, purpose, and others, the majority of rotary dryers work the same way. Installation standard of the roller, measure the roller inner diam and outer size.commissioning average,screw the pam screws,when screw,you need do at the same time in the symmetric point.after that ,fasten it right now .so that it will not deviate from correct position. When fasten ,usually you need the thick steel to sealed in. And the fixed plate cant affect the rotation of the roller .the roller will be installed on the middle of the hoop,please pay attention to the place, when adjusting., all of the installation ,please reference the dryer assembly chart. jpgall approach may seem like an attractive, cost-effective solution, but this catch-all method does not consider a variety of factors that can make a rotary dryer operate as effectively as possible. Material characteristics, processing environment, and desired end product characteristics are all factors that can make a big difference in designing the best possible drying solution for a specific process. There are innumerable factors that can be adjusted to maximize drying efficiency, including length, diameter, inlet temperatures, air-flow, flight design and pattern, slope, and many others.

Fote International has been in the thermal processing industry for several years, supplying customers around the world with rotary dryers built for longevity, no matter what they are processing. Our highly trained service technicians are well versed in examining and treating corrosion issues. For more information on protecting your rotary dryer from corrosion, contact us please!

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