Hot Sale Rotary Drying Machine Has Become an Essential Equip

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Hot Sale Rotary Drying Machine Has Become an Essential Equip

Post  sophie1 on Thu Oct 16, 2014 2:48 am

Through constant efforts for several years, our factory has grown into a collective company which integrates scientific research, production and marketing. Our factory is specialized in all kinds of dryers, such rotary drying machine, mesh belt dryer,vertical dryer,for this kinds of dryer can dry many kinds of raw material,like chicken manure,sawdust,biomass,coal,silica sand,pomace, coal briquette etc. The dryer have exported to Canada, Italy, Greece, Sweeden, Malaysia, Indonesia,Thailand,Vietnam,Philippine etc.

The raw material are evenly distributed in rotary drying machine cylinder,at the start of the sawdust dryer and the end of the dryer have temperature detector, so you can check everywhere temperature inside the rotary dryer. Transmission parts reducer and coupling parts maintenance is essential, often need to check the internal gear oils are empty, so as to avoid the lack of oil while the gear reducer damage, damage nylon rod couplings or whether there card bit happen. Corrosion is a common problem faced with industrial dryers, capable of causing costly damage and processing inefficiency. There are various types of corrosion, each caused by a different kind of reaction: metal physical reactions, chemical reactions, and electrochemical reactions. Perhaps the most familiar example of corrosion is rust, where iron reacts with oxygen in the air to form iron oxide. While there is significant variance in causes and forms of corrosion, one thing is certain: corrosion is never desirable, and many steps are undertaken in both the prevention and treatment of corrosion in rotary dryers. The rotary dryers are commonly used in the minerals industry to dry a range of commodities including clay, gypsum, kaolin, limestone, mineral sand, potash and silica sand.

Direct rotary drying machines are the most versatile and simplest form of drying. The kilns specifications are determined by the material, how much drying, and how long must it be in the drying process. These rotary dryers are suited for material that are not required to be isolated from a burning system. Typical direct rotary klin dryers also run some level of oxygen in the system.

limestone dryer machine:

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