Typically Various of Magnetic Separator Process Drawback

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Typically Various of Magnetic Separator Process Drawback

Post  ploor on Fri Oct 17, 2014 7:07 pm

Typically choose magnetic drum separator for ferromagnetic ore is weakening magnetic separator, sorting weak magnetic ore separation equipment is magnetic separator, Wet magnetic separator is the commonly used iron ore magnetic separator and manganese ore magnetic separator, which is also widely used in iron ore dressing plants. Wet magnetic separator is suitable for the separation of strong magnetic minerals.

Wet high intensity magnetic separator is widely used in ore dressing, coal washing, chemical industry and other sectors, which is suitable for the wet separation of strong magnetic minerals with 6-0 mm particle size, and it can separate minerals into magnetic materials and non-magnetic materials. but low intensity magnetic separator in the selection of the ferromagnetic minerals when encounter to a variety of problems:

1. the monomer solution if not from the grinding process , there will be even with the particles of magnetite and gangue. Despite more than a non -magnetic gangue minerals, but because a strong magnetic magnetite, it was enough to be able to put their magnetic gangue with students to go to the magnetic products, which decreased the grade magnetic products. Some even take it if it is separated from the living body magnetic products, then it should be chosen fine sieve and then grinding , flotation, re-election or other sorting methods will be briefly disposal.

2. magnetite particles will save remanent magnetization once, when fine-grained . Magnetic particles attract one another corporation or flux. But the magnetic group is not easy to disperse, during which if rich gangue particles will drop the grade magnetic goods. If the presence of a magnetic group in grading operations to mine, grading power will drop. This is the adverse effects of the magnetic gatherings. In this case, the choice is usually demagnetizer eliminate residual magnetism, magnetic damaged party.

3. magnetite particles of weak magnetic micro-fine together in the water sport suffered greater resistance, and thus greater demand for the recovery of magnetic force, and the water is easy to be swept away, forming a metal lost. Therefore, the grinding process to try to cut through the mill.

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