Notice the Operation of Chinaware Ball Mill

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Notice the Operation of Chinaware Ball Mill

Post  ploor on Thu Oct 30, 2014 12:34 am

Ceramic ball mill, also called Chinaware ball mill, is namely the ball mill whose lining plate is made of ceramic. It has small volume, which is usually suitable for small batch production in trial production stage. It is new type energy saving ball mill, which has the advantages of saving time and electricity, easy to operate and more stable and reliable performance compared with other ball mills.

Chinaware ball mill during the operation should be attention:

1. In the ball mill repair work, inspection and maintenance personnel must complete the machine check data records, regular inspection and replacement of spare parts for repair, after the completion of each job, the relevant personnel to conduct data matching and transfer work.

2. For the first time after the ball mill try to turn, before the start of formal operation, we need to first add a little oil on the machine bearings, and then turn again to try to ensure that no friction among the various mechanical parts, before starting the motor to start operations.

3. Ceramic ball mill operation at the beginning of time, the staff must be in the command staff of the unified command, on time in place, up and down escalators during rigorous play slapstick happening.

4. In the process of ceramic ball mill run, if the staff found that the machine had some small faults, remember, do not allow the machine is running, for any reason of faulty maintenance problems.

5. To eliminate the chinaware ball mill feed port visits in the feeding process, because the machines up and running, the material may have led splash out and injured personnel.

6. If you find a ceramic ball mill screws are loose situation, remember not to delay or withhold, should immediately reported to stop, to prevent construction accidents.

7. Maintenance staff downtime during maintenance operations, we have to hang up obvious identifiers, for example: being repaired, prohibited actions.

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