Cement Mill Has Earned Its Wide Popularization in Constructi

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Cement Mill Has Earned Its Wide Popularization in Constructi

Post  sophie1 on Sat Nov 01, 2014 12:30 am

Domestic urban construction process continues to accelerate, cement mill products in short supply, which has water slag cement advantage? Expert: first of all, as you said, water slag cement production can meet the current market vacancies, ensure national infrastructure construction progress. In yet another aspect, water slag slag vertical mill with low investment cost and high economic benefit. Our company use of water slag as raw material to produce cement annual income is 600000000 yuan, than a stone crushing economic benefit is much better for cement mill.

In the raw materials are pre cement mill production, raw meal homogenizing conveying and dust collection and other aspects of the use of new technology and new equipment. The emergence of kiln outside the decomposition technique, a new dry process production resulting. By using this new process the dry process for the production of clinker quality no less than the wet process production, power consumption is also reduced, has become the development trend of cement mill industry. Method for preparing cement is generally divided into dry and wet two. Dry the general use of closed circuit operation system, namely raw materials mill grinded into powder, sorting machine, the operation of coarse grinding again for grinding back into the. The crushed materials overflow from the edge of the grinding disc, also be from the nozzle ring high speed upward with the hot air flow to and high efficiency separators in one vertical mill. Coarse powder separator after sorting through the returned to the grinding table, re grinding; fine powder with an air flow grinding, collected in the dust collecting device of the system, that is the end product.

New construction in our country large cement production line has been used in all vertical cement mill, obvious energy saving effect, obvious environmental advantages, and have achieved good economic benefit. Vertical mill wide popularization in the cement mill industry, the preparation of coal powder and slag grinding, grinding calcined gypsum and grinding of non use of large quantities of metal mine, at the same time in the pre grinding cement clinker, slag, but also has good prospects for development.
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