Copper Cable Recycling Machine Takes the Lead in Environment

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Copper Cable Recycling Machine Takes the Lead in Environment

Post  sophie1 on Thu Nov 06, 2014 12:31 am

Fote Machinery is trustable manufacturer of high quality cable granulators and copper cable recycling machine. Advanced manufacturing craft, strictly quality-control system and considerate after-sale service make Fote Machinery your best choice.

However, the copper cable recycling machine market also exists many problems, such as small-scale enterprises, low technology level, unstable product quality, serious situation of environmental protection and nonstandard corporate behavior,etc. As a whole, we have a wide gap with developed countries. cable granulators are advanced technology in the field of recycling scrap copper. Since it began to appear in America and other advanced countries in 1980s, it has developed fast worldwide. A good copper cable recycling machine with advanced technology has good effect of recycling scrap copper. Scrap copper cable/wires turn into pure copper granule and plastic after a series of processing means. The quality of copper granule is just like that of electrolytic copper, which can be put into use directly. However, the quality of cable granulator directly decides the purity of copper granule utilization level of plastic. Therefore, please come to copper-wire-recycling to know about our products, it will not disappoint you. Another creative design is standard welded construction. The cable granulator can be easily reconditioned by welding strengthened steel plates to parts affected by wear and tear. If required the housing can be supplied with replaceable manganese plates. The welded and annealed construction of the units is by far superior to cast models, particularly in case of overloading or when foreign matter is fed.

Environmental protection is an irresistible trend in the economic development. A wise man always looks further than common people and is good at grasping any opportunity in choosing copper cable recycling machine. If you are the person of this kind, Fote would like to be your eternal partner.

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