The Reason for the Popularity of Fote Cable Recycling Machin

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The Reason for the Popularity of Fote Cable Recycling Machin

Post  sophie1 on Thu Nov 06, 2014 12:35 am

The technological process of this cable recycling machine is that dry crushing and pulverizing transforms the raw material, such as, waste cable and wire, motorcycle electric wire, computer wire and other various miscellaneous cables into the mixture of metal and non-mental, then the metal is separated from plastic by the high pressure electrostatic separator.

In the processing craft of scrap copper recycling, copper cable granulator is the main equipment. Then how to choose proper cable recycling machine aiming at different factory including small, medium and large enterprises? We should master the method of choosing a machine according to the output, Take the copper wire granulators of Fote as example. There are three kinds of granulator, AM-400, AM-600 and AM-800. The daily handling capacity of each model is 1.5-2 T, 3-4 T and 5- 6 T. You can choose the most proper model in accordance with production quantity. More importantly, we should improve copper utilization levels and make full use of the talent, technology and capital to study and develop advanced technology and equipment of recycling copper scrap. In recent years, we have made difference in the manufacture of such equipments such as the copper cable granulator and copper cable recycling machine produced by Fotemachinery. The double cross recycling technology adopts the inclined opposed angels of the rotor and bed knives. This change is helpful to reduce the noise level, its power requirements and temperature generation.

The cable recycling machine is also an indispensable machine in copper recycling. The range of wire the machine is suitable to process, single core or double core, is from 1mm to 90mm, but one point you should notice is that the wires should be straight without knots. What I really want to tell you is that all its models are CE certificated. You may safely rely on our equipment.

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