Copper Cable Recycling Machine With Advanced Technology is H

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Copper Cable Recycling Machine With Advanced Technology is H Empty Copper Cable Recycling Machine With Advanced Technology is H

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With the development of our economy, the copper recycling market sees a rapid growth. Now 1/3 of the copper consumption comes from the recycle of the copper scrap, therefore the recycle and status of the transaction of the copper will produce greater influence on the whole copper market in the future. Faced with various and different copper cable recycling machines, maybe you feel trouble making choice. Itís necessary to learn how to choose the most suitable and economical cable recycling machine according to your needs.

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Chemical stripping method is to use organic solvents to dissolve the insulation in order to separate them. This means can ensure us get high-quality copper wire, but the shortcomings are the difficulty in dealing with the solvent and the high price of that. The direction of development of the technology is to excogitate a low-priced and functional solvent. In the processing craft of scrap copper recycling, copper recycling machine is the main equipment. Then how to choose proper copper recycling machine aiming at different factory including small, medium and large enterprises? We should master the method of choosing a machine according to the output, Take the cable granulators of Fote as example. There are three kinds of cable recycling machine, AM-400, AM-600 and AM-800. The daily handling capacity of each model is 1.5-2 T, 3-4 T and 5- 6 T. You can choose the most proper model in accordance with production quantity. the technological process of this cable recycling machine is that dry crushing and pulverizing transforms the raw material, such as, waste cable and wire, motorcycle electric wire, computer wire and other various miscellaneous cables into the mixture of metal and non-mental, then the metal is separated from plastic by the high pressure electrostatic separator.

Copper cable recycling machine is an advanced technology in the field of recycling scrap copper. Since it began to appear in America and other advanced countries in 1980s, it has developed fast worldwide. A good copper recycling machine with advanced technology has good effect of recycling scrap copper.

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