Attention to Operation Points of Rod Grinding Mill

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Attention to Operation Points of Rod Grinding Mill Empty Attention to Operation Points of Rod Grinding Mill

Post  ploor on Wed Nov 19, 2014 8:29 pm

Rod mill also can be called pin crusher,mineral rod mill or ore rod mill,gets its name by the fact that the grinding media inside the cylinder are steel rod. Rod grinder generally adopts wet type overflow type and can be used in the first-stage open-circuit grinding process. Rod grinder can be divided into two types: wet type and dry type for the customers to choose from and customers can choose suitable type according to their specific needs.

Customers need pay attention to the following points of rod mill:

1. rod grinding mill cylinder liner board excessive wear or breakage, must be timely replacement of lining board.

2. rod grinder operation, operation rules strictly require operators from the cylinder shell safety distance shall not be less than 1.5m. Prohibit the use of hand or other tools being in contact rotating cylinder.

3. rod grinding mill operating procedures require us long-term shutdown in winter, to the bearing and the reduction box, cooling water drainage.

4. check cylinder body steel rod wear, the timely removal of broken steel rod. Rod mill cylinder body filled with steel bars to safety first.

5. cylinder manhole cover must be tightened, always check whether the firm and reliable.

6. rod grinder workshop to set up 1m high fence and sidewalk separated.

Therefore, we in grinding rod mill operation, strict requirements to rod mill operating rules strictly enforced to ensure safe operation, rod mill, rod mill operation regulation product center.

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