Fote Cable Granulator Has Good Quality and Considerate Servi

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Fote Cable Granulator Has Good Quality and Considerate Servi

Post  sophie1 on Wed Nov 19, 2014 8:35 pm

As with everything in this world you get what you pay for and where costs are cut, quality suffers. The cable granulator produced by Fote has proven their reliable function and superiority quality. What advantages does our cable recycling machines have?

Stability is an important factor influencing the function of copper cable granulator. A machine always in a swinging situation will turn everything into mass. Then how to ensure the stability of a machine? We have our own tactics---independent conveyor. It can independently deliver mixture of copper and plastic without disturbing the work of the main body. At the same time, the knife adjustment placed outside of the copper cable granulator. It will greatly reduce the down-time. Whatís more, adjustment can be carried out easily and quickly. Its copper cable granulator has wide applicable range including auto electric wire, motorcycle electric wire, and computer wires etc. More importantly, it adopts the most advanced technology such as PLC control system, double crushing process and dry-type design, which make your equipment always in a best condition. Besides, it has a considerate design---the blade of the machine can be removed to be sharpened. The current copper cable granulator is generally divided into two kinds: dry-type copper recycling machine and wet-type copper cable granulator. Which merits and demerits do they have? Letís know about them together. Dry-type only processes dry copper chop, and its superiority is that it can handle a large amount of wires; but has poor recovery effect for extension wires and there will have copper residual in plastics.

For this reason, it is very important for our customers to know whether the cable recycling machine is with CE certificate or not out of security consideration, especially the machinery. Fote is a reliable enterprise in manufacturing industry. The copper recycling machines of all models produced by Fote are CE certificated. It is always committed to provide its customers with machines of good quality and considerate service.

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