Mobile Stone Crushing Machine Has Made Our Life Easier

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Mobile Stone Crushing Machine Has Made Our Life Easier  Empty Mobile Stone Crushing Machine Has Made Our Life Easier

Post  sophie1 on Fri Nov 21, 2014 1:51 am

Now in our country can realize the stone waste equipment -- mobile crushing plant successfully developed, Fote with many years of development of this equipment, the use value of MSW treatment building after the production of recycled resource implementation of construction waste, after the device is crushed aggregate construction garbage regeneration used for making bricks, recycled concrete, wall materials, building materials, the recycled aggregate can be used as substitute natural aggregate, widely used in highway, High-speed Rail, housing construction.

Two motor shaft relative screen surface has a slope angle, the exciting force and material from the joint effect of gravity, the material in the sieve surface toss leap forward for linear motion, so as to achieve the purpose of screening and classification of materials. Can be used to realize the automated assembly line in operation. The production process as shown in fig.. The main production process is: the processing of raw materials. mixing. the upper end of the furnace entrance or pipe the mixture into the furnace, the furnace is open or closed is heated to 2000 DEG C, according to the formula: GaO 3C and rarr.CaC2 CO reaction of quarry stone carbide. The melted quarry stone carbide from the bottom out, as the product packaging and cooling, crushing. Spiral mobile stone crushing machine suppliers in hyderabad applies to the metallurgical, building materials, water and electricity industries such as washing, grading, cleaning and other operations, for washing operation fine-grained and coarse-grained materials. The building sand, stone road of appropriate. Spiral artificial granite prduction line is reasonable in structure, convenient repair, large capacity, small power consumption, high cleanliness of mobile crusher. Novel sealing structure, fully enclosed oil bath type transmission device, adjustable overflow weir plate, make sure the series product efficient, durable, clean, good dehydration effect, fine product stability etc..

The mobile crusher outlet dust is very serious, the conveyor belt from the used mobile stone crusher plant in uk out of the block and powder material into the ore, part of the material splash or roll on the ground, the ground thick material, part of the powdery material is flying in the air, inconvenience for production.

crawler-type mobile cone crusher:

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