Briquetting Machine is Suitable for Industrial Coal Producti

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Briquetting Machine is Suitable for Industrial Coal Producti Empty Briquetting Machine is Suitable for Industrial Coal Producti

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The coal ball briquetting machine is suitable for civil and industrial coal production. Its features is excellent technical performance, compact structure, reasonable assembly process, special alloy rollers, and long life-span. In addition, it also solves the troubles of low molding pressure and low strength problem in coal briquette machine production, and can be the ideal machine in this field.

During the compression of the material, temperatures rise sufficiently to make the raw material liberate various adhesives that will assist in keeping the particles together in the compressed shape. However, to make this process successful, the moisture content of the raw material must be in the range 6 - 16 %. Inside this machine, there are two rows of hammer, through bump, product can reach fineness special craftsmanship of hammerhead,can increase the hardness of hammerhead, make it use long time, 2-3 times than common hammer bothway gap adjustment technique can control the fineness of material, and save the cost on hammerhead. The briquette machine is used to press waster materials into different shape briquettes. According to the character of different kinds of materials, we will recommend suitable briquetting machines to our customers. The 15kw 230 small pellet making machine is one of the most popular pellet mill. With the wheels in the bottom of it, the pellet mill is quite easy to be moved. The 230 pellet making machine can be used to make both feed pellets and wood pellets. The capacity of it for making wood pellets is 120kg/h to 200kg/hour. It is 300kg/h to 400kg/h for making feed pellets.

The design of thin rollers and hydraulic pump are meaning to ensure enough pressure for every briquettes, so the limestone powder can be well shaped. At the same time, due to the small width of roller, the capacity of this kind of briquette machine will be lower.

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