Briquette Machine Make Biomass Industry Develop Fast

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Briquette Machine Make Biomass Industry Develop Fast Empty Briquette Machine Make Biomass Industry Develop Fast

Post  sophie1 on Tue Nov 25, 2014 12:41 am

Malaysia has rich agro-biomass resources as well as booming agriculture industry, which makes its biomass industry develope very fast. These organic materials can be used to make solid biofuel such as pellets and briquettes, liquid biofuel such as diesel and ethanol and value-added eco-products such as pulp and paper.

Another kind of material for the charcoal briquette production in Africa can be the agricultural waste. And recycling them to produce charcoal instead of burning them directly will reduce air pollution and protect environment to a certain degree. The Europe Council had approved some proposals about energy policy in recent year. These new policies further emphasized the importance of reduce the emission of carbon. Considering the features of charcoal briquette, especially the advantage of almost no smoke to the environment, we can not ignore its benefits.Kenya generates about 1.6 million tones of sugarcane bagasse which could be utilized for the formulation of charcoal briquetting machine for household use to supplement wood fuel. The bulk of bagasse from all factories is considered an environmental hazard and a probable source of factory fires. But, the charcoal briquette produced by them are smokeless, easy ignite and produce no irritating smell. The benefits of using charcoal briquette have been realized more and more widely. And the Europe Union is the district which the charcoal briquette machine is popular. We must improve the final temperature of carbonization and slower the speed of heating-up and cool down. Carbonization is the central part of making charcoal. This process makes the wood briquette into charcoal briquette which is popular among BBQ lovers. During the carbonization process, keeping the temperature at a constant degree is not correct.

In conclusion, no matter you are going to produce your own charcoal briquette machine or invest in establishing factory, consider the sugarcane bagasse as the raw materiel is a feasible and profitable idea.

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