Updated Briquette Machine Have Achieved Great Progresss

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Updated Briquette Machine Have Achieved Great Progresss Empty Updated Briquette Machine Have Achieved Great Progresss

Post  sophie1 on Tue Nov 25, 2014 12:42 am

In 2011 the acreage used to grow energy crops already amounted to 2 million ha which is almost 17 per cent of its arable land. There is also a certain potential for the expansion of agricultural biomass production. The results of various studies show that from 2020 onwards it will be possible to use 2.5 to 4 million hectares of agricultural land for the cultivation of energy crops.

Another company that produce charcoal briquette use the starch as binder and the charcoal fines as the raw material. The charcoal powder is graded by means of a vibrating sieve with a 0.3 cm top screen size. Starch is the most common binder used at that time. Starch paste is made in a separate cooking tank and then mixed with the charcoal powder in the mixer. Nowadays, charcoal powder briquette machine have been more widely and accepted, which with high capacity and efficiency. Wide Applicationcoconut shell charcoal briquette is made of coconut charcoal carbonized first and then crushed, processed by charcoal powder making machine, it can be made into different shape charcoal briquettes. Coconut shell charcoal has a much higher calorific value than usual hardwood charcoal briquettes, so it can be used both indoors and outdoors. Besides, it can also be used in food industries like BBQ, stove fuel and metallurgy industry. On the other hand, many projects about set charcoal briquette factory in Africa have been implemented. And this will must create many job opportunities for the local people. A large number of people are employed in the various phases of the charcoal briquette value chain, including: collection sizing of wood; preparation of charcoal kilns; packaging and transportation.

Human have produced and used charcoal as fuel for cooking and grilling for a long history. The methods have experienced from the traditional charcoal briquette machine production, improved traditional methods to new high-yield, low-emission machines. And in modern society, the carbonization furnace is a widely used and accepted briquetting machine to produce charcoal briquette . And during this process, the technology to produce it have achieved a great progress.

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