The Continuous Development of Briquette Machine is Highly Re

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The Continuous Development of Briquette Machine is Highly Re Empty The Continuous Development of Briquette Machine is Highly Re

Post  sophie1 on Tue Nov 25, 2014 12:46 am

China industrial engineering for using biomass briquettes in energy generation has undergone continuous development, making it highly reliable and providing solutions tailored to meet customer requirements in the best way possible.

The domestic demand for coconut products takes in the form of fresh coconut, tender coconut, coconut oil and processed cream powders. In terms of exports, the country has seen an increase in the export of end-products of coconut such as desiccated coconut, coconut milk powder, coconut shell charcoal briquette and activated carbon. The mainly charcoal briquette in Africa are produced in the traditional methods. And this have caused large area of forests felled.Charcoal briquette is the product which is produced through the process of crushing, drying, briquetting and carbonization. The raw material can be the straw, sawdust, corn stalk, peanut shell etc. It is a kind of green fuel which have been widely used in many countries. One important features is that it is almost smokeless so will be environment friendly. And that will further cause soil erosion, reduced nitrogen content in the ground, loss of water, and loss of soil productivity. This is particularly true in direr areas where regenerative capacity of forests is lower and unmanaged. Charcoal briquette machine production can accelerate desertification. Tanzania has lost approximately 15% of its forest cover and more than 37% of its forest and wood land habitat. We all know that the charcoal briquette is biofuel and have the advantage of smokeless, high calorific value, easy to transport and store. Another important advantage is that it will last longer than the common coal when burning

As the important provider of charcoal briquette machine, the furnace form Fote have the features of high capacity, low consumption, high efficiency, no smoke, easy installation and operation etc. If you have any needs of briquetting machine please contact us.

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