Rotary Dryers Plays an Important Role in Recycling

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Rotary Dryers Plays an Important Role in Recycling Empty Rotary Dryers Plays an Important Role in Recycling

Post  sophie1 on Wed Nov 26, 2014 7:21 pm

Fote Machinery is a factory which is specialized in rotary dryers with CE certificate, The dryer mainly devided into rotary dryer,vertical dryer, mesh belt dryer, indirect rotary dryer,three cylinder dryer. Different dryers can dry different raw materials.

Today this community for resource recycling is quite important, like sawdust waste, Marc, chicken, fly ash, etc. are all you can for recycling, utilization, where chicken manure can be used as bio-fertilizer, and coal Grey can produce cement products. So it is not a good collection can re-use it, it is not true, the corresponding processing step is indispensable! The grass dryer mainly used for palm fiber dryer,coconut shell,sawdust, wood chip,bagasse,stalk,rice husk etc. It can reduce the moisture of these biomass to make them easy stock and transportation.after drying ,they can be made into fuel or animal feed. Rotary dryers can be widely used to dry various materials, such as metallic and nonmetallic mineral, clay in cement industry and coal in coal mine, etc, and it is quite easy to master the process measures. Adapt to high moisure,the dust of cover is easily to be cleaned.The body of cover has good external thermal insulation. Fote Industrial Equipment Co.,Ltd is specialized manufacturing rotary dryers in China. The dust remover has an impaction on the capacity of the dryer,if we want high capacity,we must choose big wind rate dest remover. Coal slime dryer is a kind of highly efficient, stable and reliable heating drying equipment, designed by Fote Industrial Equipment to dry materials of high moisture or strong stickiness. Coal slime dryer’s applied in the materials like coal slurry, mud, gypsum, Muddy, high-moisture swell soil, electroplate mud and so on.

Fote is a professional drying machine manufacturer,we have rotary dryers, sand dryer, coal slurry dryer, sludge dryer, fly ash dryer, double-drum dryer etc. If you need a rotary dryer, please kindly let us know the moisture of your raw mateirals and the capacity you want to dry per hour. We will recommend suitable models to you.

coal slime dryer:

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