Sand Dryer Machine Has the Advantage of Small Footprint

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Sand Dryer Machine Has the Advantage of Small Footprint  Empty Sand Dryer Machine Has the Advantage of Small Footprint

Post  sophie1 on Wed Nov 26, 2014 7:25 pm

Fote palm fiber rotary dryer is hot sale in Southeast Asia Region. If the raw material is palm kernel shell, usually the clients will need a whole production line: extracting machine--rotary screen-- rotary dryer--baler device.

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When install the rotary dryer, you must check the foundation, equipments at first whether prepared well. Especially for checking the concrete pouring of foundation and installation size. The foundation surface should be clean. No oil stain, dust, cracks etc. When you run into difficulties in installation, it is our honor to give you more installation instruction. The dryer is used to reduce the moisture of the raw materials. There are two kinds of popular dryers in the market now. The hot air dryer(bended pipes) and rotary dryer. Chain plate dryer is used for drying different kinds of briquettes such as coal briquettes, mineral briquettes etc. It is also one of the most important equipment in the briquette production line. It has better drying effect; it could meet the demands of the customers who need to dry the briquettes to a lower moisture level and it could be designed according to the customer requirements.

Main features of sand dryer machine:

1. Adopt multiple combination scatter device: Overcome traditional dryer 'wind hole' phenomenon, high thermal efficiency, coal consumption reduced about 20%.

2. Apply a variety of combustion furnace: high temperature fluidized bed, grinding coal powder spraying furnace and artificial add stove.

3. Big and small transmission gears adopt pin column replaceable gear, instead of traditional steel casting gear, saving investment cost, and greatly reduce the repair cost and time.

4. Adopt centralized control system, which can realize large-scale enterprise microcomputer central control management.

Vertical double-drum dryer is used for drying briquettes. It is one of the most important equipment in briquette production line. It could reduce the moisture content of the final briquettes. The rotary dryer has the features of small investment, small footprint, high drying efficiency, easy operation and easy maintenance.

fluorite dryer:

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