There Is Necessary to Know Gravity Spiral Chute

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There Is Necessary to Know Gravity Spiral Chute Empty There Is Necessary to Know Gravity Spiral Chute

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Gravity spiral chute which combines the advantages of spiral concentrator and shaking table is applicable for separation of granularity ranged from 4mm to 0.02mm metallic minerals such as iron, ilmenite, chromite, tungsten-tin ore, niobium-tantalum ore, gold placer, seashore monazite, rutile and zircon as well as other metallic and non-metallic minerals with adequate difference of specific gravity. The concentrating process is stable and easy to control with this spiral chut, allowing feeding thickness change to a large extent.

Spiral chute separator is made of the fiberglass lined with wear-resistant polyurethane and corundum cover; the advantages are small footprint, without power, moisture proof, anti-rust, wear proof, anti corrosion and no noise, properly suitable for the different feeding particle sizes. it is especially for concentrating sand ore in beach, riverside, seashore and stream.

Working Principle of Gravity Spiral Chute:

In order to have a good separation, there should be a difference in Specific Gravity's of at least 1.0. One main benefit of spiral concentrators is they have no moving parts. The feed range, in percent solids, to a spiral ranges from 20% solids up to 40% solids. Depending upon the material characteristics, a maximum efficiency will usually be reached somewhere in this range. All that is required are some slurry pumps, the slurry to be separated and the banks of spirals with a feed distributor.

Slurry is pumped to the top of the spiral (typically 13' to 15' from the floor), and it enters a feed distributor that evenly distributes the feed to each spiral concentrator. The design and shape of the spiral make it work, when combined with gravitational acceleration. As the slurry travels the spiraling path down the spiral, mineral grains settle and start sorting according to size, density and to a lesser extend shape. Low density particles are carried with the bulk of the water towards the outside of the spiral (perimeter), while particles with the greatest density migrate towards the inside of the spiral.

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