Welcome to the Asylum..

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Welcome to the Asylum..

Post  Admin on Wed Oct 31, 2007 6:36 am

Bedlam is a PvP guild on our beloved server Grim Batol. We have as I'm writing this about 20 active members from all over Europe.
Bedlam was formed on a rainy sunday night by a bunch of oldschool PvE'ers from the raiding guild Refusion, who decided that after arena season 1 that their setup wasn't good enough for compedetive arena play. So they all rerolled to new character, and in the same move, created the guild we all love.
The name Bedlam originates from 'Bethlem Royal Hospital', which was the worlds first institute for mentally ill. While the original name of the hospital was 'Bethlem Royal Hospital', it over time became known as simply Bedlam. And after that, Bedlam has been used for lunatic asylums in general.

So once again, welcome to the asylum. This will be your final destination. Mad Razz Laughing Shocked cyclops affraid


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