Can You Provide Us with High Capacity Cement Mill?

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Can You Provide Us with High Capacity Cement Mill? Empty Can You Provide Us with High Capacity Cement Mill?

Post  ploor on Fri Jul 25, 2014 3:58 am

High fine high cement mill is mainly used to open stream grinding system. High fine high yield characteristics of cement system equipment and technological process is simple, the investment province, factory building covers an area of less; On the structure of cement making plant adopts advanced select powder special warehouse equipment, cement making plant increased the activation device, fine grinding storehouse grinding end has special discharge grate plate, minimize grinding storehouse grinding media size, greatly improve the efficiency of high fine high cement grinding, achieve the goal of high output, low energy consumption.

A cement making plant is an installation used to grind the clinker component of concrete. Clinker is a hard, nodular material produced by sintering aluminosilicate and limestone in a cement rotary kiln. There are several cement mill types which are able to grind clinker of which the ball mill is the most common. Ball grinding mills consist of cylinders partially filled with large numbers of steel balls which employ their rolling action to crush the raw material when each cylinder is rotated. High pressure roller mills are occasionally used to grind clinker although their use has not yet gained broad acceptance.

However, Most ordinary cement mill for grinding circle flow system, the characteristics of ordinary cement mill for grinding of high efficiency, large mill production, energy saving, especially when grinding slag cement, the performance is more prominent. Portland cement production than the general grinding machine can improve 15-20%, decrease the power consumption by 10%, in addition, the product temperature can decrease the 20 to 40 ℃, product fineness also easy to adjust.

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cement making production line:

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