Rotary Dryers of High Dealing Capacity and Low Consumption

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Rotary Dryers of High Dealing Capacity and Low Consumption Empty Rotary Dryers of High Dealing Capacity and Low Consumption

Post  sophie1 on Wed Nov 26, 2014 7:24 pm

Fote is a professional rotary dryer manufacturer.Our drying machine including rotary dryer for coal, sand, fly ash, coal slurry, sludge etc, mesh belt dryer for ginger slice, fruit slice, briquettes etc, and chain plate dryer especial for briquettes. Our drying machine has the features of high drying efficiency, good quality, energy saving, low pollution.

Rotary dryer is mainly for drying small size raw material like coal,sawdust,cocopeat,silica san,sand,mineral powder etc. Inside the rotary dryers have lifting plate, it will raise the raw material up and down, so that the heat and raw material will totally contact inside the rotary dryer. The dried raw material will come out from the discharge machine of rotary dryer. Dryer equipment is not only, you can use, and we also need to install, maintain, a quality dryer manufacturers tend to have a well service capabilities. When the dryer is faulty, we will need the help of manufacturers, so we need to examine the credibility of enterprises of coal dryer. And the factory can provide us with a permanent technical advice, supply of spare parts, but also our selection dryer manufacturers an important reference factor. The better rotary dryer could save investment, decrease the operating cost and ensure the quality to get the best economic profits. The suitable rotary dryer model should be chose according to customers raw material. Pay attention to the balance of wind,coal and raw materials.Be sure the flow rate of draft fan and the model of sand dryer machine, and then to be sure whether the hot air furnaceis suitable or not. There are many problems in processing the lignite dryer,we should pay attention to these to get better drying efficiency.Lignite dryer has the features of high anti-load ability,high dealing capacity,low consumption,low drying cost.Lignite dryer adopt fair current style,hot air and wet raw material come into the rotary dryers from the same side.The new feeding and discharging device stop the phenomenon of feeding plug,uneven and return.

Rotary dryer is one kind of good drying machine for power type or particle type materials, such as coal powder, sawdust, sludge, wood chips, etc. If you need a rotary dryer, please kindly let us know the moisture of your raw mateirals and the capacity you want to dry per hour. We will recommend suitable models to you.

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