Micro Powder Grinding Mill Win the Market by Its Practical A

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Micro Powder Grinding Mill Win the Market by Its Practical A

Post  sophie1 on Tue Oct 07, 2014 6:49 pm

As a micro powder grinding mill manufacturer in China, Hongxing Company production of new powder making machine and micro powder grinding mill, high pressure hanging roller mill and high pressure micro powder mill , energy-saving and environmental friendly mill has made customers continue to affirm the large powder grinding mill has become a symbol of corporate customers to enhance the influence . Many powder grinding mill manufacturing companies also actively explore the latest production technology and intensify their efforts to innovate science and technology. Although research on science and technology needs great investment, there will be no competence without scientific research power and the upgrading and renovation of products is the signal for the development of an enterprise.

Micro Powder Grinding Mill

the development of micro powder grinding mill technology must be adapted to their specific requirements. In general, metal minerals applications require a certain degree of fineness and purity. Hongxing Machinery production can meet the needs in these areas. The fineness of the finished production in 0.18-0.015 ( 80-800 mesh ) can be adjusted between . Hongxing production of micro powder grinding mill is grinding to achieve the 3000 target technology finished material . With the mill s continuous exploration of research and technological innovation in the field of application of the mill continues to expand , Hongxing produced powder grinding machine has been widely used in the manufacture of fine powders and micro powders , it is applicable at no explosive material. Powder grinding machine can be the perfect solution for processing stone , limestone, dolomite , kaolin , bentonite , talc , talc, magnesite , illite, pyrophyllite , vermiculite , diatomite, barite , gypsum, alum earth , graphite, fluorite, aluminum phosphate rock, potassium ore pumice , etc. . Product fineness of grinding materials can be adjusted between 400 mesh and 3000 mesh , adjust the fineness entirely the product according to the product s use. grinding mills should be examined and repaird after using a period, and the quick-wear parts such as grinding roll, grinding ring and scraper knife should be repaired and replaced. The bolts and nuts should be checked carefully before or after the use of grinding roll device. When replacing grinding roll after using for more than 500 hours or so, it is necessary to clean various rolling bearings and replace quick-wear parts. As to the fueling tool, manual refueling or grease gun is a good choice.

Micro powder grinding mill is a kind of new and highly efficient crushing equipment, which has such features as small size, simple structure, big reduction ratio, low energy consumption, big production capacity, even product granularity and so on, which is widely used in the crushing of various mineral ores in chemistry, building and other industries.

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